Monday, January 6, 2014

A life of balance

My blog will be short today.

I learned something profound.  I found out that if something is powerful it can be communicated succinctly.

Balance.  Live  a life of balance.

I am a school teacher.  In Oklahoma it is very light snow with the most teeth hurting jaw numbing wind chill's.  We did not have school today.  I was perusing the sites  some of the other neighboring school districts as I wanted to see what their plans might be for tomorrow.

One of the school districts had on their home page a very interesting paragraph regarding their schools mission for their students.  They called it the 5 A's of success.  I won't recite all of them but basically as a school they were "encouraging" the students to be balanced in academics, arts, athletics and activities (social).  It was so interesting to me because it seems to me that we sometimes focus on only one of those, usually not all of them.

As a teacher and a thinker I have to how I have to have visual analogies as that is how I think and process information. 

Here is my analogy
Think of the four A's above (I did not list all 5 A's for purposes of my analogy I need 4) as the tires of an automobile.  If one of those A's is "overinflated" as a tire on my car it puts pressure on the other tires.  The ride is rough.

For me, I am strong in academics, have always loved school and am an avid reader.  This year as you  already know from my prior blog postings that I am taking violin (what this school would consider Arts) and am studying to get my license to be a physical trainer (what this school would consider Athletics).

There is something to having a balanced life.

I will be blogging all of my journey.

There was not much conflict today as I have to get ready for school tomorrow and I am eyes glued to the TV for the BCS NCAA national championship football game.

I pray this "have a balanced life" story resonates with someone or that you might find it creative and productive food for thought for your life.


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