Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hahaha it's been so long

Wow new years set them, try not to break them and try to LIVE in the process.

I am learning a lot about myself during this process.  I told you at the beginning of the year that instead of trying to change other people or the environment I find myself in, I am using this year to work on nothing but myself.

I wanted to blog daily the journey simply as a tool to share with others who might need some hope and/or inspiration as I am not perfect, way old, and trying to learn new things.

The first thing I learned is that there are going to be days that I can not or am not able to blog everyday.  Time simply won't allow.

Working on my doctorate (seems like F O R E V E R) , two months away from my physical training exam from the National Academy of Sports medicine, taking violin lessons in a studio where there are 12 year olds that are farther along and much better than I am at the present moment.

I am still going to blog about progress and lack of progress so that I continue to share.

What I really need is to write a great novel and by a remote cabin where I can write further good books and do lots of delicious reading.

I have only gotten off my vegetarian quest one time two days ago.  It was 7:30 p.m. and I had not had dinner yet.  I went to a place in Tulsa that is VERY FAMOUS for their charcoaled hamburgers called "Goldies".  It was wonderful.  It was exactly what I need for that evening.

I am sorry I have no funny or sharp quips for today. 

I broke through the fire and did practice my violin.  I am finding that there are many areas in my life that I will have to break through.

One of those will be tomorrow when I make my first attempt to exercise on a consistent basis.....why am I sooooooooooo incredibly bad with consistency. 

Goals are GREAT when you set them ....horrible to carry them out.

It is Sunday eve.  I am done with Violin.  I need to read about the educator who is next on my paper Piaget and then Montessori.  I also have to get caught up on the video sessions of my ladies Bible Study "Missing Pieces".

In my daytimer I have set (hand drawn) little columns for this week to help calculate how much time I exercise, practice violin and how much time I devote to my homework and what I eat.

Next Sunday evening I will post the recap.  Good or Bad.  I know this, sometime soon I need to start drinking WATER and taking some vitamins. 

I love teaching, but it has gotten harder, I want to eat right, that is more expensive.  I need to find my energy, energy energy, right now...that is VERY LOW.

God Bless and thank you for reading.

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