Friday, January 3, 2014

It's time to control emotions

My blog today will not be as long as the others.

Emotions.  In the past they have ruled my life.  Emotions cloud my judgement, affect what I say and cloud how I feel.

I went into school to get ready for my students as school is set to resume on Monday (unless snow occurs). 

It hit me personally how much I have let my emotions rather than sound judgement overtake me.

For those of you that think before you act and contemplate before you speak I envy you and I honestly covet your control.

As this revelation was hitting me and I noticed in the reflection in the computer screen that my eyes were wide eyed like a deer, I realized how much this has affected so much of my past.

The Bible declares that "he who rules his tongue, can rule a city".

Nuff said.

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