Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1....New Beginning...Again....

You know, sometimes there are things that simply can not be explained.  The path of life that you thought you wanted ended up not being at all what you planned.  Whether this is a "protective" measure or whether it is meant to be a "guiding" measure I can not answer.

In the great philosophical words of a former colleague but still a great friend of mine "I never let what I don't know affect what I do know".  What I do know is that my world is hurting.  People are wounded.  There is a great disparity in our economic caste and our educational system with no equity.  The media gets more tainted and more blatant with lies.  It is officially to the point where what is wrong is actually considered right.

I am blessed to have had both good and bad occur in my life because I believe that is what has formed me into what I am.  What is so funny is, I can not tell you how many times I have started something, only finding that I was not able to complete it.  How many mountains have I conquered only to find myself back at the very same mountain again.

This new year brings for some people resolutions, for some a desire to simply make it a better year than the year before.

I just need to let you know that I promise, this year...that I will work on myself.  This is the year that what was cloudy for me will now become clear.  As I work on issues that help make me sharper and more powerful I pray that this will bring me the boldness and the strength necessary to help address issues in our culture that need changing.

I can promise you this, there needs to be a lot more righteousness.

But all that can happen ONLY as I work on myself because that is where it has to begin....SO begins this blog...and so begins this year of discovery.

Jamie Quote for the day:  Work on yourself and everything else will fall into place.  Changes around you will only happen when you work on and change yourself.

Happy New Year to everybody, wherever this blog happens to find you.

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