Saturday, January 4, 2014

Handling dissappointments and bias

This is that wild time of year when playoffs happen.

In a year where I determined to blog daily as this was the year that instead of trying to change everyone and everything I decided to work wholly on myself.

I found out something very eye opening and that is how serious I take disappointments.  I cheer for a school (university) that is not in the lauded conference by the sports media as they know nothing else.  I am not sure if it is marketing dollars but I know it is not based on facts.

My team lost.  My stomach is still in knots and my jaw sore from the grinding of my teeth.  The game was close.  Sometimes this makes a game even harder to take.  Probably no different than when a team loses by one point.

I realized that the reason we didn't win and the reason for the lack of respect is that there are things that must be done better.  In a world that is full of "good" athletes, musicians, orators, writers, ect...sometimes you have to simply be better.

The lesson that it taught me was that it is even MORE necessary to be better.  There are athletes that are in the NFL that work hard and have a very rigorous schedule.  This is exactly what I started out with this year about going "through the fire".

Hard work, dedication and sweat.  We simply can not get away from that.

This is Jan 4th and my 4th day to blog.  I will be making many changes and I simply can not promise it will all be pretty.  What I can promise however, is that going through the fire will purify.  The dross will come off and the gold come forth.

It is time.

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