Sunday, January 12, 2014

Well Well

I am sorry that it has been several days since I have blogged.

Until I have a secretary, on days when there is limited time I can do, what I can do.  On a positive note I took care of a lot of students and now officially have 3 labs going

1.  Pre AP Chem'ers are creating their own periodic tables. (yes I bought poster board and 25 glue sticks)
2. My AP Chem'ers are doing oxidation reduction titrations (yes, I bought an electrical griddle to use as a hotplate for that one)
3. My Environmental Science'ers are doing a predator prey lab (yes, I bought dry kidney beans and popcorn kernels for that one)

I am in awe of how Oklahoma can go from -10 windchill to a 72 degree day within a 7 day stretch.

I have violin lessons tomorrow and have not practiced in a long time.  I did that today and my oh my I need to practice way more frequently.

I have homework to do on my research paper regarding educational systems and of course reading in my sports medicine book before my physical training certification exam in March.

I made goals for myself this year and am doing what I can to reach them.  I am learning how to maintain goals even when life throws itself at me.


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